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Conundrum has always been about daring to try something new. With distinct personalities, these wines inspire endless exploration.

Conundrum White features lush flavors of Asian pear, Hawaiian fruit, apricot and brown spice. Amazingly versatile, this wine combines intriguing tropical notes with natural acidity.

Conundrum Red is rich, complex and approachable, with flavors of cherries and baking chocolate, along with fine tannins that create a silky smoothness.

Conundrum Sparkling has a delicate nose, fine bubbles and a delightful lightness. Combiningcrisp minerality with flavors of freshly cut fruit, it is perfect for celebrations of all kinds.

Conundrum Rosé is uniquely bright and fresh – fruity but not at all sweet, it features scents and flavors of strawberries and ripe peaches.

$120.00 per Case